January 26, 2020

Exercise & Movement – Tips for Patients with Lymphoedema

Being active and proper exercise may help control swelling and reduce discomfort on the affected limb in patients with lymphedema. In addition, it may reduce discomfort and help keep full […]
January 19, 2020

Another Way To Look At Shoulder Health

When we look at someone walking, we can all appreciate that due to vast variety of individual possibilities, there must be no standardized ‘normal’ way to walk. Motion of the […]
January 12, 2020

What Is Stress?

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires a response. The body can react to these changes with a combination of physical, mental and emotional response. You can […]
January 5, 2020

Pesky Hamstring Injuries

Story time!   It was the last two minutes of a rugby game; the ball was passed to me and I saw an open space leading to the end zone; […]
December 30, 2019

Nutrition and the Musculoskeletal System

    What us health professionals have to do each year/cycle is to accumulate what’s called continued learning points. A few years ago, I attended a seminar called “Nutritional strategies […]
December 24, 2019

Why Can’t I Touch My Toes?

    “Why cant I touch my toes? My hamstrings are always tight and I cant seem to loosen them enough.” I hear this sentence on a weekly basis which […]