Redmond Clancy



  • Assessment, treatment and management acute and chronic sports injuries
  • Full body movement assessment, athletic and pre-participation in sport screening
  • Functional neurology and manual muscle testing
  • Soft tissue myofascial release / trigger point dry needling / instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM)
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Corrective exercise
  • Strength, conditioning and crossfit coaching and programming

Types of conditions I specialize in:

  • Trauma and sports injuries rehabilitation
    – fracture
    – ligament sprains
    – muscle tears
    – cartilage damage
    – scar tissue
    – joint dislocation / subluxation
    – nerve compression
  • Chronic painful musculoskeletal conditions
    – jaw
    – neck
    – shoulder
    – elbow
    – wrist
    – back
    – hip
    – knee
    – ankle
    – foot
  • Pre / post-operative treatment and rehabilitation
    – lumbar discectomy
    – total hip replacements
    – total knee replacement
    – ACL reconstruction
    – meniscal repairs
    – shoulder arthroscopy
    – internal fixations
  • Movement pattern dysfunctions
    – mobility, stability and breathing dysfunctions
    – whole movement patterning
    – postural asymmetries
  • Strength and Power development
  • Crossfit

Redmond is a highly trained and experienced physiotherapist, CrossFit coach and certified strength and conditioning (CSCS) registered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Growing up with a keen interest in rugby, football, tennis, surfing and triathlon he went on to study physiotherapy graduating with honours from University College Dublin.

He is constantly seeking to upgrade his treatment arsenal so that all his patients can get back to doing what they love quickly! Redmond’s approach includes taking a comprehensive medical history and discussing your goals before using full-body motion testing alongside orthopaedic joint testing to diagnose where and what the problem is. He then uses the innovative techniques of dry needling, kinesiotaping, soft tissue mobilisation, joint manipulation, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) and neurokinetic therapy (NKT) to reset the body and correct the problem.

During treatment he will explain to you what your symptom is, how it happened and most importantly how you can manage it. Once you are pain-free, he will use the selective functional movement assessment (SFMA) to identify any other areas throughout your body which have contributed to the development of your symptom and using specific corrective strategies will normalise these. Once you have regained normal movement function he will use the functional movement screen (FMS) to identify your biggest area for improvement and then build a tailor-made strength and conditioning programme to reinforce the specific corrections made to your body.

After guiding you through a supervised return to performance protocol, Redmond will lastly implement the evidence-based predictor of injury and highly accurate Y-balance test (TBT) on discharge to assess your suitability to return to your chosen sport/hobby of choice without fear of reinjury. This patient-centered approach is done in a very friendly and relaxing environment which delivers the best outcomes and gets you back to feeling and performing at your best.

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