Zdenek Jeseta



  • Human developement kinesiology specialist for activation of body stabilization programs
  • Sport rehab& exercise prescription
  • Joint mobilization
  • Mobility Exericses
  • Manual therapy
  • Sport specific kinesiotaping techniques
  • Manual lymphatic drainage & lymfo-taping
  • Pre & post-op rehabilitation
  • Propriofoot Concept®
  • Dry Needling

Types of conditions I specialize in:

  • Pre & post operative rehabilitaion (ACL repair, total knee/hip replaicement, rotator cuff)
  • Neck, mid & lower back pain
  • Postural re-educations
  • Correction of muscular imbalances
  • Injury prevention &recovery
  • After Injury peripheral paresis treatment (facilitation, stimulation & reeducation)
  • Primary & secondary lymphedema
  • Foot activation & balance

Zd is from Czech Republic who earned his Bachelor Degree of Physical Therepy from University of Jana Evangelisty Purkyne in Czech Republic & a Masters in The College of Physical Therapy Education & Sport PALESTRA in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2013 ZD has been working in outpatient clinics in Czech Republic & Saudi Arabia, focused on musculoskeletal & sport injuries (Orthopedic , traumatology & neurology), and pre-op & post-op cases. ZD’s treatment plans consist of unique combination of manual therapy treatment for tissue healing with manual lymphatic drainage. In addition to his physiotherapy training, ZD also received in 2013 Certification as a Fitness Instructor & Body Building Coach Certification from Czech Republic. His combined education makes him highly experienced with all injuries from sports to postural problems, to helping people to get back to general fitness.

ZD also has training in exercises inspired by human developmental kinesiology and he uses this techniques for training adults with any kind of musculoskeletal disorders; these exercises have a great global effect on human body & core activation. Zd is extremely passionate about his work and loves to help patients to achieve their specific goals.