Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic Kuwait (DISC Kuwait) is the second branch of DISC Dubai, which is one of the leading rehabilitation and wellness clinics in Dubai. It was developed to provide the Dubai community with access to highly skilled clinicians providing leading health care for rehabilitation and wellness needs. DISC has now extended its arms to Kuwait where we will see all ages and genders with orthopaedic conditions.

Our goal is to house different disciplines under one roof so patients in the Dubai and Kuwait have access to varying treatment options to suit their condition and comfort levels. We have a core focus on manual therapy treatment combined with corrective movement therapy, which is the missing link in Kuwait. We believe in the power of an integrated medical team allowing our patients to receive comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation.

We will provide our patients in Dubai and Kuwait with treatment options that include pain management in holistic and rehabilitative forms such as; chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and movement therapy. Our Dubai office currently is the only location with chiropractors due to Kuwait having no medical legislation for chiropractic. We are working hard with the Kuwait government to legalise this practice so patients can safely be seen by licensed practitioners living and working in Kuwait.

Our goals for all Disc Clinics are to aid in recovery from injuries or any long-standing problems as quickly as possible, avoid surgery, and to provide the necessary education for long-term solutions for maintenance and prevention.





Our therapists are specialised in home and office ergonomic assessments and can advise patients on changes in sleep forms, sedentary workstations, or sports ergonomics. We will be planning to hold regular workshops in Kuwait to teach our patients about prevention strategies, particularly important in the corporate setting. We believe a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce


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