Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC) is one of the leading sports clinics in Dubai. It was developed by a team of specialists hoping to provide the Dubai community with access to state-of-the-art preventative and palliative health care.
Our goal is to house different providers under one roof so that the patients in Dubai and the UAE have access to varying treatment options to suit their condition and comfort levels. We have a core focus on all types of back treatment and we believe that the power of an integrated team in medical therapy is much more beneficial to the patient who will receive a more comprehensive evaluation of their health.
We also hope to provide our patients in Dubai with treatment options that include pain management in holistic and rehabilitative forms such as; chiropractic, myofascial release and physiotherapy.
We try to avoid surgical treatment whenever possible for a quicker and more sustainable recovery, and then educate the patient on long-term solutions for prevention. Our patients vary from young to old, athlete to pregnant female in our wide scope of practice.


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Sports Medicine

Our practice includes a family and sports medicine practitioner who works in conjunction with the chiropractors, physiotherapists, rehab and movement specialists to diagnose, treat and manage certain cases such as rotator cuff tendonitis, knee pathologies, wrist and elbow pains and other ligament sprains and muscle strains. We use diagnostic ultrasound and guided ultrasound as well as other evaluation and assessment methods to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Our Doctors of Chiropractic and Osteopathy are here to evaluate, diagnose and manage your neuro-musculoskeletal pain. Specializing in sports-related injuries, they see patients from a variety of disciplines such as rugby, football, crossfit, running, triathlons and much more. Our therapy programs are tailored to the needs and comfort of the patient after a full medical history and evaluation is performed. The option of several techniques are offered to suit every individual.

Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

Our Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy departments were developed to help the patient with pain management and rehabilitation, and to develop a comprehensive plan to fix the patients and educate them on preventative care. This is done with exercise therapy, myofascial release, stabilisation and mobility exercises depending on the case and needs of the individual.

Kinesiology, Exercise Therapy and Strength & Conditioning

Our gym is equipped with state of the art equipment to strengthen muscles and joints for long-term pain prevention and management. As part of our integrated program, we encourage our patients to undergo fitness and strengthening programs under the monitoring of specialists to prevent chronic pain or the onset of pain in the future. Programs can target individuals at any fitness level.


Our doctors are specialized in home and office ergonomic assessments and can advise patients on changes in sleep forms, sedentary workstations, or sports ergonomics. DISC hold regular workshops in Dubai to teach our patients about prevention strategies, particularly important in the corporate setting. We believe a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce!